Who are we?

Student to Student (Stustu)

  • The happy and motivated student team:

Marketing Management

Cedric Deur (The person in charge)

For advertising orĀ crowdsourcing, please email me at: dcedric@stustu.co.uk


Strategy and Implementation

Lingnan Dai

You can reach me at: dlingnan@stustu.co.uk

IT management and development

Simone Masiero

You can reach me at: msimone@stustu.co.uk


Head of Operation and Management at Bedfordshire University

Esther Solomon

You can reach me at: esther@stustu.co.uk


Head of Operation and Management at Princeton University

Eva Jue Weng

You can reach me at: wjue@stu-stu.com


  • Find us here:


StuStu LTD is register with the Company Number: 8076841

2 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. A great site … well done!

    I hope it takes off more.

    Continued success and if there is anything I can do let me know.
    (I am the Network Services manager for the University of Cambridge responsible for wireless networking and although I cannot endorse or recommend the site with my official hat on let me know what I can do).

    - Ian

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