Student loans for courses starting after 1 September 2012

What loans are available in 2012/13

Students starting university or college can apply for loans to help with their tuition fees and living costs. How much money you get depends on if you study full-time or part-time and on your living circumstances. Find out how much you could get.

The following student loans are available:

  • a Tuition Fee Loan for full-time and part-time students
  • a Maintenance Loan to pay living costs for full-time students only

Your university or college decides what to charge you for tuition. Check their prospectus or website to find out what your tuition fees will be.

Use the Student Finance Calculator to get an estimate of the loans, grants and bursaries available to you (full-time students only).

Returning students and students applying for courses starting before 1 September 2012 continue on the old student finance scheme with lower tuition fees.


Tuition Fee Loans

The Tuition Fee Loan covers the fees you’re charged each year of your course. It’s paid directly to your university or college.

Your Tuition Fee Loan may not cover all of your fees if you study at an approved private university or college.

Maximum Tuition Fee Loans

 Student type  Tuition Fee Loan
 New full-time students  £9,000
 New full- time students at private university or college  £6,000
 New part-time students  £6,750
 New part-time students at private university or college  £4,500

To qualify for a Tuition Fee Loan your part-time course needs to be least 25 per cent of an equivalent full-time course each year (eg. four years instead of one year full time).

Maintenance Loans for living costs

Full-time students can apply for a Maintenance Loan to help with living costs. Maintenance Loans are paid into your bank account at the start of each term.

Part-time students can’t apply for a Maintenance Loan.

The exact amount full-time students can borrow depends on:

  • your family’s income
  • where you live
  • what year of study you’re in
  • what help you get through the Maintenance Grant

You can also get student grants to help with living costs.

Maximum Maintenance Loan rates for full-time students

 Where you live and study  Maintenance Loan
 You live at home  £4375
 You live away from home and study outside London  £5500
 You live away from home and study in London  £7675
 You spend a year of a UK course studying overseas  £6535

Rates for final year students are different. Contact Student Finance England to find out what rate applies to you.

You can apply for 65 per cent of the Maintenance Loan without having your household income looked at. This means you can apply without your parents or partner having to send in any details of their income.

If you want to get the full loan Student Finance England will assess your household income and base the amount of your loan on that. Your household income is your parents’ or partner’s income, plus yours.