Mark Zuckerberg’s 6 Ingredients For Success

By @Ashkan


Leadership guru Warren Bennis asked whether leaders are born or made. When asked if Wall Street would accept a young Mark Zuckerberg in his early 20s as CEO, Facebook investor Peter Thiel said: “Well, we’ll wait until he’s over 25 to file”.  Wise move, considering that Mark’s title on his business cards read “I’m CEO, bitch”.
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30 travel terms that don’t exist but should

Andy Murdock, Lonely Planet author

The Oxford English Dictionary contains over 600,000 unique words – surely enough to describe any situation, one would think. But as any traveler knows, the world has a way of confronting us with sights and experiences that can leave even the smartest among us at a loss for words. Sometimes we’re limited by our vocabularies, but often the word we need to describe what we’ve seen and done simply doesn’t exist…yet.
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Apple Might Lose A $1.6 Billion Lawsuit For Using The Word ‘iPad’

China-based company Proview Electronics is suing Apple for $1.6 billion and an apology for alleged infringement for use of its trademarked iPad name, reports Apple Insider.

Apple had initially bought the trademark from the company for $55,000, but the lawsuit maintains that the deal did not include rights to use the word "iPad" in China.

Here's the thing—Chinese courts have already found in favor of Proview, but Apple is appealing the decision.

Xiao Caiyuan, a lawyer for the company, believes Apple will lose the appeal and added, "We have prepared well for a long-term legal battle."

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