Top 5 Websites To Watch For 2012

#1 On The List:

Foursquare is not a startup website and has reached all time highs in users, they still seek to grow to extreme numbers in 2012. Foursquare is a social experience and is a big site to watch out for!

#2 On The List: is an online website/game that makes it fun and easy for people to learn how to code. Codecademy recieved massive amount of users in 2011 and had even mayors using the site, Codecademy is expected to be huge in 2012 and have breakout number of users.

#3 On The List: is an online marketplace for offline classes. Teachers are using the service to teach and some have even quit there jobs to work full time on Skillshare. Check it out, its a must watch for 2012.

#4 On The List: is a direct payments startup that makes transfers rough Twitter, Facebook, SMS and other virtual channels, Dwolla was processing $1 million per day less than a year after launch. Dwolla has 70,000 users that make online payments through social networking feeds. Dwolla is cheper then credit card fees because payments of up to $10 are free and then anything greater is $0.25 charge. Dwolla is expected to have a big 2012.


#5 On The List: Eventbrite

Eventbrite is the oddball on our list of companies to watch in 2012 because the ticketing platform launched five years ago. But here are some reasons we think that 2012 is a good time to keep an eye on the startup:

  • It’s on a growth streak. Last year it sold about 11 million tickets. This year it sold about 21 million.
  • It’s being taken seriously by big events. This summer, for instance, it handled tickets for a Black Eyed Peas concert in New York City’s Central Park in addition to 458,000 other events (more than twice as many as last year).
  • It’s expanding internationally. Eventbrite opened a London office in October and launched localized versions of its platform in Ireland and Canada in December.
  • It’s offline. A new iPad app lets event organizer sell tickets through Eventbrite at the door.
  • It could IPO. In a ZURB podcast this summer, Eventbrite CEO Kevin Hartz said that Eventbrite could file as early as 2012. “We have to continue to perform to very lofty expectations to do that,” he said.



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