Internet user figures for 2011 see third of the world online

Web traffic has hit new heights in 2011 with a third of the world now online and 800,000 users signed up to social networking behemoth Facebook

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The Internet continued to see increased user numbers in 2011 with new figures compiled by Pingdom suggesting that a third of the world’s inhabitants are now online.

Based on Internet usage from the past 12 months Pingdom has revealed there are now around 2.1 billion people connected to the web with all browsing centred at the 555 million currently available websites.

Internet User Figures

Whilst 2.1 billion users might seem likes a staggering amount of online activity, this still leaves roughly two thirds of the world’s population without access to the Internet.

Eclipsing the number of online users is the number of registered email addresses with the 3.146 billion activated email addresses resulting in 71 per cent of all email traffic being spam.

With analyst firm Pingdom predicting that web traffic and Internet usage will “continue to grow” in 2012 the 2011 figures keep on flowing with YouTube’s 1 trillion annual video views landing alongside the 800 million registered Facebook users, a quarter of which signed up to the social networking service during the past year.

Whilst the web has been a staple in the UK for a number of years, we want to know you favourite web experience from 2011? Let us know via the comments box below.

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