Three-minutes finger paint masterpieces

Chilean man creates photorealistic nature scenes on glass at a frantic pace

The late American painter and TV show host Bob Ross became famous for his oil paintings of landscapes featuring “happy little trees,” and we could only imagine that the work of Chilean street artist Fabian Gaete Maureira would bring a smile to Ross’ face. Maureira, in a video that’s been uploaded to YouTube, creates scenes reminiscent of Ross’ work, only in less than five minutes using mostly his fingers, along with a rag and occasionally brushes.

Maureira paints beautiful landscapes — some featuring animals like horses — on pieces of glass that he holds and rotates in one hand. With his fingers, which move at a furious pace, he swipes and dabs at blobs of acrylic paint, pulling them away to reveal lush vistas, lakes, and waterfalls.

He does all of this in about three minutes, charging $10 apiece for his miniature works of art. Though he works in a physical media, Maureira is no stranger to the digital world, having set up a blog and Flickr stream to showcase his work. We’d love to see what he could do using a tablet like the iPad — by using it to draw, not smearing it with paint.




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